Courtney Gault

founder + creative director

founder + creative director

Hi, I’m Courtney, also known as Coco, or Cooper’s and William’s mama. I am an early-childhood educator, interior designer, and the Founder of greenwich play. My experiences in education range from teaching kindergarten at an all-boys school, to acting as a one-to-one educator to preschool aged children.

In 2017, I left the classroom and founded a consulting service offering families professional support, guidance and age-appropriate resources to help them thrive both in and outside the home.

The years I spent in the classroom provided me with a wealth of experience creating spaces that encouraged imaginative, open-ended play. But, the real shift came when I became a mother, and developed a deeper understanding of how much of an impact our environment had on our son’s development. I founded greenwich play to focus solely on creating beautiful, functional spaces throughout the entire home that the whole family can enjoy.

I’m a New York City native (born and raised!) and lived there my entire life until moving to Greenwich, Connecticut. I hold a dual master’s of science in early childhood general and special education, as well as a master’s of art. When I’m not helping other families, you can find me with my family bike riding around Greenwich, or at the playground.

I am so grateful to be able to combine my passion for interior design with my expertise in early childhood development to create chic, multifunctional home spaces.I look forward to working with you!

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